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Virgin Australia partners with pretty much all the major credit card providers, to offer Velocity credit cards that earn Velocity Points, and with providers who operate their own reward schemes such as Westpac, American Express and Citibank, which feature the ability to transfer your credit card reward points to your Velocity Frequent Flyer Account.


Virgin Airways and their network of partner airlines fly to destinations across the world. As a member of the Velocity program you are able to earn Velocity Points and redeem them for flights and upgrades when you book your flights (subject to availability). In conjunction with helping make your travel easier Velocity Points can also be redeemed for an ever increasing range of goods and services available through the Velocity online store. The guide below is designed to help you compare the best Velocity credit cards and find the Velocity Credit Card which balances Velocity Point earning opportunities with competitive credit card interest rates and fees.



Guide to Velocity Frequent Flyer Credit Cards


Velocity credit cards - how do they work?

Velocity Credit Cards are rewards credit cards which offer cardholders the opportunity to earn Velocity Points, as a reward for using there credit card to pay for eligible transactions. For each dollar spent on these eligible transactions the cardholder will earn Velocity Points at an earn rate determined by their Velocity Credit Card type, transaction type (is it with a Velocity partner store or service) and any monthly points cap.


When you make an application for a Velocity credit card you will be asked within the application to provide your Velocity Frequent Flyer Number. If your application is successful the credit card providers uses the Velocity Frequent Flyer number provided to link your new Velocity credit card with your Velocity Frequent Flyer Account, this linking ensures that any Velocity Frequent Flyer Points you earn by using your credit card are automatically credited to your Velocity Frequent Flyer Account at the end of each statement period.


If you do not have a Velocity Frequent Flyer Number at the time of making the Credit Card application, don’t worry as you can add this later and have the accounts linked automatically.


Once the your Velocity Frequent Flyer Account and new Velocity Credit Card are linked, to start earning Velocity Points you simply use your Velocity credit card to make purchases, for each eligible purchase made using your Velocity credit card you will receive a number of Velocity Points based on the dollar value of the purchase, and the point earn rate your credit card offers.


So if your Velocity credit card Point earn rate is 1 Velocity Point per $1 spent, and the purchase you made was for $1000, you would be awarded 1000 Velocity Points.


For some purchases your Velocity credit card issuer may offer higher Velocity Points ratios (e.g. double your standard earn rate), these are frequently offered by Velocity Frequent Flyer Partners, whom include many of the Car Hire Companies,  major Retailers and Hotels. On the flip side there a number of credit card purchases which are either not eligible for earning Velocity Points or eran points at a reduced earn rate, these may include payment of utility bills, transactions with the ATO and cash advances.


How do the Velocity Points I earn through using my Credit Card get credited to my Velocity Account?

Two distinct types of Reward credit card facilitate the earning of Velocity Points, and each has a different mechanism for crediting any points earned to your Velocity Account.


Type 1: Direct Earn Velocity Credit Cards

These Direct Earn Velocity credit cards enable cardholders to earn only Velocity Points that are automatically credited to their Velocity Frequent Flyer Account on a monthly basis.


Type 2: Reward Credit Cards with an option to convert reward points to Velocity Points

These Reward credit cards enable cardholders to choose how they use their rewards points, with one option being to convert points to their Velocity Frequent Flyer Program. To convert points, and have them credited to your Velocity Frequent Flyer Account, the cardholders makes a request to their program operator who then processes the transfer on behalf of the cardholder. Examples of reward programs offering this points conversion option include, ANZ Rewards, Westpac Altitude and American Express Membership Rewards.


Earning Velocity Points with a Velocity Credit Card

The number of Velocity Points earned for each dollar spent using your Velocity Credit Card is generally determined by the following factors:


1. Card Level

Standard, Gold and Platinum Velocity credit cards tend to have different earn rates per $ spent, with Standard cards having the lowest and Platinum Credit Cards the highest.


Card level may also impact what types of purchase are considered eligible transactions for earning points. For example the American Express Velocity Escape Card (their standard level card) does not award Velocity Points for spend on utility bills, insurances offered by companies other than American Express, payments to the ATO, Australia Post or Local and Federal Government bodies. Though their Gold and Platinum Card holders can earn Velocity Points across each of these types of transactions.


The premium level Velocity credit cards tend also to offer higher earn rates on spend made with an array of partners, with a focus on travel and entertainment services including airlines, accommodation, restaurants, major cruise and tour operators.


2. Purchases from Virgin Australia

Not surprisingly all spend on your Velocity Frequent Flyer Credit Card made with Virgin Australia is rewarded at earn rates around double the normal rate across all card types.


3. Companion Credit Cards

NAB offer Velocity Frequent Flyer Credit Cards which aim to cover every spending eventuality with their companion card offer. When you are accepted for a nab Velocity Credit Card you will receive 2 credit cards, a Visa and American Express credit card. The American Express card offers higher point earn rates than the Visa credit card, though the Visa is part of the deal to ensure you have total global coverage should your American Express Credit Card not be accepted by a particular merchant.


4. Transactions not eligible for Velocity Points.

As a general rule the following types of transaction when paid for with your Velocity Credit Card are not eligible for earning Velocity Points.

  • Cash advances
  • Balance transfers
  • Interest charges
  • Insurance (some premium level cards have exceptions)
  • Loan payments
  • Business transactions
  • Gambling transactions


What are Introductory Bonus Velocity Frequent Flyer Point Offers?

Velocity Credit Card providers are aware that potential card holders are eager to build their Velocity Points balances and have responded to this by offering points as an incentive to apply for their respective Velocity credit card. Introductory Bonus Velocity frequent flyer points of up to 60,000 are offered by the credit card providers. To attain the full bonus new credit card users will generally have to meet certain credit card usage levels based on spend in the early months of card ownership, so be sure to check the T&C’s of any introductory Reward Points offer.


Best Velocity Credit Cards with Sign up Bonus Velocity Point Offers


AMEX Platinum Velocity Credit Card

American Express Velocity Platinum Credit Card

50,000 Bonus Velocity Points  Full Card Details >>

No Points Cap, 0% p.a. on Balance Transfers for 12 months, High Velocity Point earn rates.


Do Velocity Frequent Flyer points earned from Velocity Credit Cards expire?

If a Velocity Frequent Flyer Member’s Membership Account is inactive for 36 consecutive months the Member’s Velocity Points will expire. This will occur if the Member has not earned, redeemed, or transferred Velocity Points to or from their Membership Account for a period of 36 consecutive months and if the Member is not participating (as a Contributing Account or Beneficiary Account) in a Family Pool. Expiry of Velocity Points will not affect the Member’s Membership Account.


Comparing Velocity credit cards

Having established that Velocity Points are a reward currency that will deliver value to you the task now is to identify a Velocity credit card which is in synch with your spending habits and delivers a range of relevant benefits, at a competitive price. The factors to considering including in your Velocity credit card comparison are:


  • Reward Point Earn Rates  - The points earned using a Velocity Credit Card are based on the dollar value of the eligible purchases you make using the credit card. For each dollar spent using your Velocity Credit card you will receive a number of Velocity Points. The earn rates of each Velocity Credit Card may vary depending on the credit card level (see above) the type of transaction and with whom the transaction is being made. When considering the higher earn rates offered by the premium level Velocity credit cards it is important to balance these with the often significantly higher annual credit card fees.


Velocity Credit Cards Velocity Point earn rates


Velocity Frequent Flyer Credit Card Visa/Mastercard Velocity Points per $1 spent American Express Velocity Points per $1 spent Annual Card Fee
 AMEX Velocity Escape Credit CardAmerican Express Velocity Escape Credit Card 0 1.0 $0
 Virgin Money Velocity Flyer Credit CardVirgin Australia Velocity Flyer Credit Card 1.0 0 $129
 AMEX Platinum Velocity Credit CardAmerican Express Platinum Velocity Credit Card 0 0.5 - 3 points depending on purchase type $349
 NAB Velocity Rewards Credit CardNAB Velocity Rewards Credit Card 0.5 1.5 $95


  • Maximum Velocity Points Cap - Some Velocity credit cards put a limit on how many Velocity Points you can earn from using your Velocity credit card across specified periods of time. A useful check is to compare any points cap with your anticipated monthly spend on the credit card, to establish if you are likely to breach the points cap and so loose the opportunity to be rewarded for all your eligible purchases. Velocity Credit Cards with no Points cap can are available but are becoming incresaingly rare as the card providers phase this popular benefit out, on account it is costly from them to provide.


  • Annual Credit Card Fee - A good approach to deciding whether or not a Velocity credit card offers good value in relation to it’s annual fee is to work out what you’d spend your points on in an average year, and then compare the real world value of these rewards, to the annual fee.


  • Interest Rates and Free Days - The purchase rate is the interest charged on any purchases you make using the credit card which are not fully paid by the payment due date, generally the lower this rate the better, just in case you do find yourself carrying balance on your credit card. The majority of cards now also offer interest free days of between 45 and 55 days, which buys you time to repay your credit card balance without incurring any interest charges.


  • Complimentary Travel Insurance - As a rewards credit card skewed heavily toward travel not surprisingly a number of the Velocity Credit Cards include complimentary travel insurance when you pay for your trip using your Velocity credit card. This is worth considering particularly if you are a frequent traveller as often the cost of any annual credit card fee will be more than covered by the saving on insurance policy costs made through this complimentary benefit.


  • Complimentary Fights - The partnership with Virgin Australia often sees the Velocity credit card providers including free domestic flights as a benefit of holding their particular credit card.


  • Flying Perks - The premium level Velocity credit cards often offer special discounts on international flight bookings with Virgin Australia plus complimentary entry passes to Virgin Australia lounges around the world.


Velocity Frequent Flyer Program

Velocity Frequent Flyer is the award winning frequent flyer loyalty program of Virgin Australia, which rewards members with Velocity Points for flying with Virgin Australia and shopping with Velocity Partners, the program is free to join.


Earning Velocity Points

Velocity members earn Velocity Frequent Flyer Points when they fly with Virgin Australia and any of Virgin Australia’s airline partners which include Ethiad Airways, Air New Zealand, Delta, Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airways. Velocity Points can also be earned when you choose to shop at one of the Velocity Partners which include Hotels and Car hire Companies. The Hotel Groups that offer Velocity Points include Hilton Hotels, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Langham Hotels and Shangri-La Hotel and Resorts. The 3 major hire car companies, Hertz, Thrifty and Europcar all reward Velocity members for choosing their services at over 12,000 locations around the world.


Earning Velocity Status Credits

Every time you fly with Virgin Australia or one of their Airline Partners on an eligible fare you will earn Status Credits, these Status Credits are used by Velocity to determine your Velocity membership level.  The more Status Credits you earn the higher your Velocity membership level and the greater the benefits you will receive. Velocity has three levels of membership above entry level (Red): Silver, Gold and Platinum


Your level of Velocity membership includes any Status Credits earned through Family Pooling, where Velocity allows members to group your family members’ Status Credits into one Account.


Benefits of your membership level include Points bonuses with Velocity travel partners. Silver members can also enjoy Priority Check-in on international flights, while Gold and Platinum members can experience lounge access and priority services when travelling, including Sydney Lounge Premium Entry and Premium Valet and Melbourne Premium Exit


Earning Velocity Points through Car Hire

The 3 major global hire car companies, Hertz, Thrifty and Europcar have partnered with Velocity to offer Velocity Points when you a hire a car from one of the 12,000 available locations around the world. The Velocity Point earn rates differ when you hire overseas and relative to your Velocity Membership Level:


Car Hire in Australia and New Zealand will earn members 3 Velocity Points per $1 spent. This Velocity Point earn rate is boosted relative to your Velocity Membership level as follows:


  • Silver - 50% Bonus Velocity Points
  • Gold - 75% Bonus Velocity Points
  • Platinum - 100% Velocity Bonus Points


Any Car Hire you purchase overseas will earn members a flat 800 Velocity Points, with no Bonus Points.


When you book your car hire via the Virgin Australia website you will receive the reassurance of the partner companies Price Promise which promises that if you find a lower rate than the one you booked, online for the exact same conditions with the same partner company on the same day you book your car, you will be offered the same price, 1,000 Velocity Points bonus and a voucher for a free day or upgrade which you can use the next time you hire a car from the same company


Earning Velocity Points from Hotel Bookings

Velocity Frequent Flyer members can choose from over 600,000 hotels in over 37,000 cities worldwide, all of which will reward members with Velocity Points. To earn Velocity Points members can either book directly with the participating Hotel Partners and then show their Velocity Card when they check in or book online through Agoda to earn 3 Velocity Points for each $1 spent with significant Bonus Points for each Member Level, in similar vein to the Car Hire Bonus Point offers 

Guide to the Velocity Frequent Flyer Program -  how does the program work? how do I earn Velocity points? what are the points worth and how can I redeem them? just some of the questions the guide will help you answer. Read more


Velocity Frequent Flyer Direct Earn Credit Cards - Also often referred to as Co-Branded cards, these cards offer only one reward option in the form of earning Velocity Points, which are automatically credited to your Velocity Frequent Flyer Account each month. Read more


Velocity Frequent Flyer Credit Cards with No Points Cap - If earning Velocity Points from all your eligible purchases is important these Velocity credit cards should be on your list of consideration as they feature no maximum points cap. Read more

Velocity Frequent Flyer Credit Cards - Frequently Asked Questions

For Non Direct Earn Velocity Frequent Flyer Credit cards, you can use a points transfer where you can convert rewards points from an existing credit or charge card into Velocity Points. For example, you can transfer your Commonwealth Awards points, ANZ Rewards points, Westpac Altitude points, American Express Membership Rewards points plus many more to your Velocity Account. You can find details on how to make a points transfer here

If you fail to earn or redeem points across a 3 year period your account becomes inactive and it is possible that your points and Velocity membership will expire.

The period starts from the last time your earned or redeemed Points, and you will be sent a reminder email 30 days before the date on which membership will be cancelled. To keep your account active you simply need to earn or redeem some points with any Velocity partner. Occasional point earning and redeeming will ensure that your membership remains active.

Virgin Australia has added a number of family benefits for its frequent flyers:

Family Pooling
Family Pooling allows you to group your family members’ Points or Points and Status Credits into one Account. This means that you can earn Points faster to redeem for even greater rewards, plus reach a new level of membership with even more benefits. 

Membership Pause for Parental Leave
If you are expecting a new addition to your family you can pause your Platinum, Gold or Silver membership for six months, and pick up where you left off with your membership level intact. 

Points Transfers
You can transfer Points from your Account to the Account of an eligible family member, up to four times per Membership Year. Each transfer must be for between 5,000 and 100,000 Points.

Yes.Uuse the online form to file a claim any missing Velocity Points. All you have to is log into your account and select "Claim Missing Points". You will have up to six months to claim your points with Virgin Australia, V Australia, Pacific Blue, Polynesian Blue and other partner flights. For accommodation, car hire and other partner companies, you only have three months to make your claim.