Financial Services Guide

Selector Pty Ltd (“Selector”)

Financial Services Guide

Date issued: 7th November 2017

What is the purpose of this document?

This Financial Services Guide (FSG) is provided by Selector to help you understand the services that we are authorized to provide and to decide whether you wish to use the comparative services we offer. This FSG should be read prior to using Selector’s comparative services.

This FSG will cover the following:

  1. Who we are
  2. Product Information
  3. How you can contact us
  4. The financial services Selector is authorized to provide to you
  5. Any relationships, affiliations or interests that exist that may influence us when we provide our services
  6. The remuneration and commission we will receive if you use our services
  7. Are we insured?
  8. Your privacy
  9. How do you make a complaint?


1. Who are we?

Selector is a financial comparison service that allows retail customers to research and compare factual information on a wide range of financial products. Selector provides this service via its web site ( that enables consumers to access to this factual information. is operated by Selector which is a Corporate Authorised Representative (462760) of Advice Evolution Pty Ltd (“Advice Evolution”).

Advice Evolution hold an Australian Credit License No. 342880, as an Authorised Representative of Advice Evolution, Selector are authorized to operate its financial comparison service and provide general financial product advice.

2. Product Information

All information provided is free information supplied by credit providers or that can be found on credit providers websites. It is usually available on the credit providers website or by contacting them directly.

While we provide information on a wide range of products we do not cover every product that is available in the market. It is important therefore that you should consider whether other products are available beyond those covered on the Selector websites.

3. How can you contact us?


PO Box 221, Balnarring, VIC, 3926



4. What financial services are Selector authorized to provide to you?

The information provided by Selector is “general advice” only, Selector will not recommend products to you and will not assess your personnel circumstances or provide “personal advice”.

5. Does Selector have any relationships, affiliations or interests that may influence them when we provide their services?

Selector is Independently owned in Australia and not associated with any financial institution except with regard to the remuneration outlined in section 5 below.

6. Remuneration and Commission

Selector will be remunerated for its services primarily by fees paid by the product providers should you proceed to make an application for a product. The activities for which Selector maybe remunerated include:

Fees for enquiries to product providers on the following basis:

  • Click through for a Selector web site to a product providers website
  • Application submitted to a product provider
  • Applications approved by a product provider

We also generate revenue from featuring advertisements on our websites. These are always clearly marked as “advertisements”.

Selector employees are salaried staff and are not in any way remunerated by commissions or other benefits from product providers.

Selector may pay fees to third party websites for referrals to the Selector websites.

7. Professional Indemnity Insurance

We maintain professional indemnity insurance to cover the information, advice and services we provide. Our policy satisfies the requirements of the Corporations Act 2001 for compensation arrangements.

8. Privacy of Your Information?

We handle your information in accordance with the Privacy Policy available on the site, this should be read along with this FSG.

9. Feedback and dispute Resolution

We welcome all feedback from our site users and encourage you to contact us through our web site.

If you have any problems, concerns or complaints about our service in the first instance please contact us by email at

The Selector team will respond to your complaint and endeavor to resolve the issue directly with you.

If the outcome of this direct contact with Selector is not satisfactory to you, please contact Advice Solution in writing at:

Advice Evolution Pty Ltd

Suite 302, 20 Bungan Street,

Mona Vale,



We will try to resolve your complaint as quickly and fairly as possible.

Selector is a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service (member number:40643). If we cannot reach a satisfactory resolution within 45 days, or 90 days with your permission, you have the right to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) at:


Telephone:    1800 367 287


Mail:               Financial Ombudsman Service Limited
                         GPO Box 3
                         Melbourne VIC 3001