Instant Approval Low Interest Rate Credit Cards


Instant Approval Low Interest Rate Credit Card Comaparison


With a decision in 60 seconds you will be saving on interest charges pronto with these Instant decision Low Interest Rate credit cards, our focus here is on Low Purchase Rate Credit Cards which are popular with frequent credit card users who may not pay their card bills in full each month, but wish to avoid hefty interest charges.



Low Rate Credit Cards with Instant Approval


With a lazer focus on value these Low Rate Credit Cards tend to be lean when it comes to benefits, as adding additional benefits would see a balancing rise in the Purchsae Rate and a consequent decrease in value. The pedigree of a low rate credit card starts with the cards purchase rate which to qualify in our Low Rate category needs to be below 15% p.a. for the lifetime of the credit card, so this is not an introductory offer for an initial period, this is the rate from day 1 until the closure of the card, subject to any rate changes made by the card provider.


To keep the value proposition firm the competitive Low Rate Credit Cards generally seek to keep the annual credit card fee low, with a fee below $100 p.a. being the benchmark for a true Low Rate Credit Card. Cards with the fees at the higher end of this range have a tendency to include a balance transfer offer or be Premium Cards with a range of associated benefits.

Instant Approval Low Interest Rate Credit Cards - Frequently Asked Questions

The significant majority of Instant Approval low rate credit cards are not linked to a rewards program. As offering rewards on credit card spend adds to the card providers costs which if they added rewards to these cards would directly impact the low rates, taking them closer and closer to the 15% p.a. mark.


Yes, many low rate cards include balance transfer options with rates as low as 0% p.a.

A low rate card with balance transfer offer is an ideal option if you have an existing credit card debt which you are seeking to pay down cost effectively, whislt also needing to continue to use the card for everyday purchases. To take full advantahe of this combination of Balance Transfer rate and the ongonig low rate it's importnat the the debt transferred is tottaly repaid within the balance transfer period or any savings on interest can quickly dissolve when the balance transfer reverts to a higher rate (usually either the Cash Advance or the Purchase Rate)



No instant approval does not 100% gurantee that you will get your chosen Low Rate Card. The Instant Approval the card provider gives in 60 seconds is a "preliminary" approval on the condition that you meet their approval criteria.

If it subsequently turns out that you don’t actually meet their requirements, that details were missing or inaccurate from the documents you submitted, or that you can’t provide evidence to back up what your application, then the card provider can decline your application.