Credit Cards are perfect for overseas travel in terms of convenience and safety but on the downside if you are not aware of the impact of using your card overseas you may well find yourself incurring significant fees for the privilege of using your card overseas.

Here we will overview the key card features to be mindful of when using your card overseas:

1. What are the fees...(continued)

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A credit card is a convenience that few of us can do without. In fact, statistics show that there are over 15 million credit card accounts in Australia, with a total credit card balance of more than $49 billion.

Most consumers see credit cards as a quick source of borrowed money when the need comes up, or even when it doesn't. That is why its easy to get caught up in...(continued)

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A Credit Card Interest rate is the rate at which interest is paid by the Credit Card user for the money that they borrow from the Credit Card provider, so in its simplest form, Interest on your credit card is simply a charge for borrowing money.

How the interest is calculated and when it is charged can vary significantly depending on the type of card you have, the transactions you...(continued)

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With the prevelance of introductory offers and a seemingly constant stream of invitations through the mail offering us new credit and store cards, it is common to find yourself with a wallet bulging with a selection of credit cards, many which you never or rarely use. With a bulging wallet the moment arrives when it is time to consider consolidating your credit card selection, to one...(continued)

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Gift Purchasing for Christmas conducted a survey of its visitors to discover how Australian shoppers are buying gifts online.

The study found that 78% of shoppers where satisfied with their on line gift purchasing experience, and as they bought gifts 54% also ended up treating themselves to a gift.

Savings was a big driver of shopping for gifts on line with 74% of respondents stating...(continued)

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Any individual who has experienced being in a tight financial spot knows that having access to some borrowed funds could prove to be invaluable help. The good thing is, a prospective borrower today has a good range of options for a credit source, the most common of which is the credit card. But other than the plastic, another alternative for that much-needed source of funds is taking...(continued)

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55 days interest free credit card

What is an interest free period? An interest free period on a credit card is the period in which you can make purchases using your credit card without having to pay interest on those purchases. Many credit cards include an interest free period of up to 55 days.

To avoid paying any interest on purchases made with a credit card you must pay your full closing balance by the payment...(continued)

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A credit report is a collation of all your personal credit history and the status of your credit accounts compiled and reported on by a credit-reporting agency.

It is likely that a credit report in your name exists if any of the following are true:

You have….

  • Applied for a loan
  • Signed up to a new Gas, Electricity or Water service
  • Signed up to a new mobile phone contract
  • Been...(continued)

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Most credit cards include a Credit Limit, which is the amount your credit card provider has approved for you to spend up to, using your credit card each month, the value of this credit limit is published on your monthly statement.

For all cards issued prior to July 1st 2012 the amount of this credit limit was set by your credit card provider when the card was initially issued to...(continued)

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Instant Approval credit cards

Many on line credit card applications now offer a fast approval on credit card applications, generally within 60 seconds of submission of the online application, the credit cards which are available through this fast approval cycle are commonly referred to as Instant Approval Credit Cards.

The initial step when considering applying for an Instant Approval Credit card is to...(continued)

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You can apply for most major credit cards online at a bank branch, over the phone or by post simply by completing an application form which will request a raft of details about your current situation in terms of where you live, do you rent or won your home, how much you earn and how many other credit cards you have.

Once you have submitted your application the credit card provider...(continued)

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Australian Credit Report

As one of the key factors that Card providers use to decide whether to accept your Credit Card application and what interest rate to offer on the card, it’s important to have as high a Credit Score as possible.

The initial step in the quest to improve your Credit Score is to understand what information your current Credit Report contains, and if it accurately reflects your...(continued)

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Student Credit Card

Australian university students have many options to choose from when it comes to selecting the best credit card for students. Having a credit card gives you the means to spend for your various needs, and pay for these purchases later. However, as with any form of borrowing, managing credit card debt requires prudence and a deep sense of financial responsibility. 


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mCommerce Australia


In 2013 retail trade figures reported M-commerce in Australia as reaching $5.6 Billion in sales with 17% of Australians shopping via their mobile.

Credit Card Selector set out to understand the drivers of these significant sales numbers, and provide some micro level insights on the behavior and motivations which sit behind this surge in M-Commerce adoption.


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Instant Approval Credit Cards

Instant approval credit card comparison

Instant approval credit cards generally provide a decision on your application within 60 seconds of you submitting your on line application.

This super quick, instant approval process is achieved by automating the 2 key elements of the credit card providers decision process:

  1. Once you submit your application the information you have supplied is...(continued)

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Instant Approval Credit Card offers

With an Instant Approval Credit Card waiting is a thing of the passed, as just 60 seconds after you submit your on line application you will have a decision on whether you have been approved or not for your Student Credit Card, and then within a week you’ll have your new credit card in your hand ready to go.

As the approval process is instant, the application process is...(continued)

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Non-Australian Resident Credit Card

The majority of Australian credit card providers welcome credit card applications from non-residents, though the application process can take a little longer than you have experienced in your home country as the card providers generally include a couple of additional steps in the process for non residents.

The pointers below are designed to help navigate through this application...(continued)

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Aussie Visa Stamp

All the major Aussie Credit Card providers welcome credit card applications from temporary residents, subject to meeting a couple of eligibility criteria around proof of annual income and procession of a current working, business or investor visa.

The 5 fast track pointers below will help you establish which Aussie credit cards are available to you, given your visa and income...(continued)

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Australian Credit Cards

The range of Aussie Credit Cards, with over 500 credit cards to choose from, ensures there is a type of Aussie credit card that meets the needs of the majority of Australians.

With such a vast array of options it can be difficult to identify the Aussie Credit Card which best fits your needs and financial circumstances, so it is important to understand what you require from a credit...(continued)

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Student Credit Card

Australian credit card providers understand that Students are special cases when it comes to banking and credit requirements, in response to this they have developed a range of student credit cards that best meet the specific needs and circumstances, associated with student life.

Pocession and sensible use of a credit card as a Student not only offers you access to credit but also...(continued)

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Credit Card Comparison

Credit Card Comparison is a great way of accessing the merits of each of the credit cards available, and also checking the competitiveness of any current cards you might hold, against the deals currently on offer.

To effectively compare credit cards you will need to understand the key facets of each of the credit card types available, this will also help you identify the credit card...(continued)

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