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Best Credit Offers 2016

Compare the Best Credit Card* offers of 2017 

Compare the Best Credit Card Offers of 2017, including the best 0% balance transfer credit cards, the best Low Rate Credit Cards, the best Rewards Credit Cards and those with the Best Introductory Offers.

There is no one credit card that fits all, a card that may be the best credit card for one person, may not be the right one for another. And with the vast range of credit card offers available at any one time in Australia, finding the best credit card to suit your needs and spending is a process which needs careful consideration.

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Credit cards have different uses to different individuals. For those who may occasionally need a source of temporary borrowing to tide them over, credit cards are a convenient option. High spenders who want to get something out of their credit card use can be well rewarded with a rewards credit card. Others who hold gold and platinum credit cards like the fact that their high-tier credit cards reflect their economic status and financial capabilities, whilst also proving a range of premium featrures designed to make their lives that little bit easier.

The key to finding the best credit card that works most effectively for you and is snych with your financial circumstances is to find out as much information about the different credit card types and establish which credit card best suits your financial situation and needs. Below we have pulled together the best of the credit card offers of 2016 which offers a good starting point in your quest to find the best credit card for you.

Best Platinum Credit Card with a Balance Transfer Offer - St George Vertigo Platinum Visa Card

St George Platinum Credit CardIntroductory Offer: 0% p.a. for 18 months on Balance Transfers PLUS 0% p.a. on Purchases for 12 Months


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  • Up to 55 interest free days on purchases - providing you pay off your balance 
  • Low annual fee - $99 p.a. for a Platinum card
  • Low salary level to be eligible to apply - at $30,000 p.a.
  • Overseas travel insurance - for trips up to 3 months for you and your family. 
  • Domestic flight inconvenience insurance - for you and your family
  • Transit accident insurance - in the event of accidental death or injury
  • Purchase cover insurance - up to 3 month cover against theft, loss or damage 
  • Extended warranty insurance - up to 12 additional months on the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Price guarantee cover - on eligible purchases.
  • PayPass - convenience of tap and go payments on transactions up to $100.

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St George Vertigo Visa Credit Card

Introductory Offer: 0% p.a. Balance Transfer for 18 months PLUS 0% p.a. on Purchases for 6 months


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  • Up to 55 interest free days on purchases - providing you pay off your balance in full every month including any balance transfer amount.
  • Additional Card Holder - Add an additional card holder for $0
  • Low Purchase Rate - 13.24% p.a.
  • Low Minimum Income to be eligible to apply - Just $15,000 p.a.
  • Maximum Credit limit - $40,000
  • Fast decision for online applications - within 60 seconds

Best Credit Card* Offers 2017 - Selecting the Best Credit Card

To select the Best Credit Card Offer you will initially need to have a clear understanding of the types of Credit Cards which are available, and which of these offer the features that best suit your circumstances and requirements from a credit card. Eight primary credit card types, of which there are many derivatives, are currently offered in Australia, the key features of each of these credit card types are reviewd here:


Best Low Interest Rate Credit Card

low interest rate credit cards are focused on offering the lowest purchase rate of interest, this is the interest rate which any purchases you make using the credit card will be subject to, should you carry a balance on your credit card. These credit cards are preferred by cardholders who expect to carry a balance on their credit card each month, and wish to minimize the amount of interest they get charged for holding this balance.


The quest to find the best credit card offering a low interest rate commences with an appraisal of the credit cards purchase rate, with a purchase rate below 15% p.a. being the benchmark for low interest rate cards. This purchase rate is not an introductory rate but is the rate which will apply to any purchases made with the card should you carry a balance on the card. A recent development in the Australian market has been the introduction of 0% Purchase Credit Cards or Interest Free Credit Cards which offer a 0% interest rate on any new purchases made with the card, for a fixed introductory period which ranges from 6 to 24 months. These 0% Purchase Credit Cards are certainly amongst the Best Credit Cards in terms of a low interest rate, but it is important to remember this introductory rate is only valid for an intoductory period, after which the Purchase Rate reverts to a higher rate.


Best Balance Transfer Credit Card

If your objective is to repay a historical debt and save on interest charges the best credit card to achieve this will probably feature a Balance Transfer Credit Card Offer. These credit cards feature low or even 0% interest rate periods during which any debt can be repaid with no, or small amounts of interest incurred. To understand the interest you could save by switcing to one of the Balance Transfer Credit Card offers currently available try our free Balance Transfer Saving Calculator


The Best Balance Transfer Credit Card is the one which is going to save you the greatest amount on interest by providing the best combination of a low balance transfer interest rate, a balance transfer period which is a long enough period for the transferred debt to be repaid and finally, a low credit card fee.

It may seem counter intuitive but the starting point to find the best balance transfer credit card to achieve the greatest savings is to establish 2 things:

1. How much are looking to transfer?

2.  Over what time period are you 100% confident you can full repay this debt.

Once you have fixed these 2 points its time to commence your search for the best credit card to achieve your interest savings, and this search starts by looking for credit cards that offer balance transfer periods which are equal to, or greater than the period over which you are 100% confident of repaying the transferred debt. Having established a shortlist of the credit cards with balance transfer periods which meet your needs it is now that we can start looking for the Best Credit Card in terms of interest rates, with the objective of finding credit cards which offer the lowest balance transfer rate over your chosen balance transfer period. It's likely that 0% p.a. interest rates will be available which will maximise your interest savings as you will be paying $0 interest on your transferred debt, so long as you stick to the T&C's of the credit card.


To help select the best credit card which is offering a blanace transfer deal try our Balance Transfer Saving Calculator which enables you to calculate the savings on interest you could make by switching to the various balance transfer offers currently available.


Best No Annual Fee Credit Card

So long as you are not concerned about a range of benefits accompanying your credit card the No Annual Fee credit cards are an options that certainly works best when you are an infrequent card user or wish to merely have a credit card on hand for emergency situations.


The Best No annual fee credit card is one where no annual fee is payable for the life of the card, as opposed to simply waived for an introductory period as an incentive to apply for the card. The best credit cards also have no spend conditions attached to the continuation of the $0 annual fee, so look out for the no annual fee credit cards where the fee is dependent on meeting a minimum spend level.


Best Frequent Flyer Credit Card

All the major global airlines have introduced frequent flyer credit cards that are aligned to their frequent flyer reward programs, and are favored by cardholders whom are already members of a frequent flyer program and who simply want to focus on accumulating points for a program they are already committed to. These credit cards work on the basis that cardholders are rewarded with points for each dollar they spend, and charge to their card, on eligible purchases. The 2 largest Frequent Flyer programs offering rewards credit cards are Qantas Rewards and the Velocity Frequent Flyer Program. If you are seeking a card which offers more flexibility on which airlines you can use your points on you should also consider the Westpac Altitiude Rewards Cards and American Express Membership Reward Cards


The Best Credit Cards which offer Frequent Flyer Points are those that strike a balance between good point earn rates, a low annual card fee and competitive purchase and cash interest rates. Identifying the best frequent flyer credit card can also be blurred by Introductory Offer Credit Cards which offer sign up bonus points, which are used by the card providers to entice you to apply for their card, these offers range from 5,000 upto 50,000 bonus points. Finally if earning points for every dollar of eligible spend is important you should include the frequent flyer credit cards with no points capping on your shortlist. 


Best Reward Credit Card

The earning of points as a reward for making eligible purchases using your credit card is the mechanic that drives reward credit cards. Choosing the best reward credit card involves accessing both the interest rates of the card in conjunction with the value of any rewards points you may earn through using the credit card. Each Reward credit card has an extensive range of options which your earned points can be used to acquire, and many also offer the opportunity to transfer your points to your preferred airline frequent flyer program.


Best Student Credit Card

Designed to meet the financial situation associated with being a full time students these student credit cards have low credit limits, low fees and are generally pared back of benefits to help keep the card costs down in synch with the low income levels of students. Establishing which is the Best Card for you as a student should focus on accessing the credit cards eligibilty requirements, particularly the minimum income level, the cards fees and the purchase rate of interest.


Best Temporary Resident Credit Card

Migrating to Australia is a big decision be it for a short time or for life, when here migrants find it is best to avoid using their credit card from their country of origin as they quickly amass overseas transaction fees. To avoid these fees and get established with an Australian based credit card provider, a range of Temporary Resident Credit Cards are available which take into account the special circumstances of temporary residents, most specifically in terms of eligibility criteria. Perhaps the two most important card features which will help establish the best credit card as you settle in Australia are th Visa you require to apply for the card and the minimum income requirement which applicants must have, which starts at $35,000 p.a.


Instant Approval Credit Card

Where speed is of the essence these Instant Approval credit cards offer the best possible response time to your application, promising a conditional decision on your on line application within 60 seconds.


Best 0% Interest Credit Card 

For a fixed period these 0% Interest Credit Cards charge no interest on eligible purchases so long as the monthly minimum payment is met and that any balance is completely repaid befor the 0% promotional period expires. These 0% promotional period range from 6-24 months. The Best Credit Cards which offer these interest free periods are those which offer lengthy interest free periods coupled with low annual card fees and competitive purchase rates to which your purchases will revert once the introductory period expires.

American Express Velocity High Flyer

7,500 Velocity Points  Full Card Details >>


American Express Qantas Ultimate Credit Card

50,000 Qantas Points   Full Card Details >>


American Express Velocity Platinum Credit Card

50,000 Velocity Points   Full Card Details >>


Westpac Low Rate Credit Card

Balance Transfer 0% p.a. for up to 16 months Offer closes: 30th January 2017  Full Card Review >>


St George Vertigo Visa Credit Card

0% p.a. for up to 18 months on Balance Transfers   Full Card Review >> is one of Australia's leading credit card comparison websites. The offers compared on this page are from our participating card providersThe Active Card List of cards displayed on this site are not representative of all the products available in the market. Products are displayed in no particular order or ranking. The use of terms "Featured", "Best" and "Top" are not product ratings and are subject to our Terms and Conditions. You should consider seeking independent financial advice and consider your own personal financial circumstances when comparing cards.