What is the Best Credit Card? This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to comparing credit cards. Of course, with people having varying needs, resources and different financial circumstances, the conclusion is that there really is no one-size-fits-all best credit card. So whether it’s your first credit card, a card kept for emergency...(continued)

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457 Visa Immigration stamp

Many of the major banks offer Credit Cards to temporary residents subject to some specific eligibility requirements that vary by provider, these requirements typically include proof of a minimum annual income, and a current Temporary 457 work visa, Investor, Student or Business Visa.
Credit Card Minimum Income...(continued)

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Business Credit Card

A business credit card is a credit card that you use for business or work related purchases only, and is usually issued in the name of the business. To apply for a business credit card you’ll need to have an Australian Business Number (ABN) which is issued when you regsiter your business with the appropriate government department.

Best Business Credit Card Comparison

There are...(continued)

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The Best Balance Transfer Card Offers

Compare the Best Balance Transfer Credit Card offers of 2017

Calculate the savings on Interest from making the switch to a Balance Transfer Credit Card. Compare Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers, apply on line and get a decision in 60 seconds. 

Compare Balance Transfer Credit Card offers >>

Selecting the Best Balance Transfer Credit Card is all about accessing the...(continued)

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Best No Annual fee cards 2017

The best deals on No annual fee Credit Cards change frequently as each of the card providers seek to have a competitive and enticing offer in the market each month.

Here at Credit Card Selector we monitor these changes, on a daily basis, so we are always aware of the current deals on No Annual Fee credit cards from each of the Australian Credit Card providers.

Compare No Annual Fee...(continued)

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Credit Card Introductory offers

Compare this months best Introductory offers including Interest Rate offers, Bonus Reward Point offers and Discounted credit card fees - apply on line with a decision in 60 seconds.

When comparing the Best Introductory Offer Credit Card offers a good starting point is to decide what type of credit card introductory offer will deliver the greatest value to you. If you are looking...(continued)

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Qantas Credit Card

Compare the Best Credit Cards for earning Qantas Points

Compare Qantas point earn rates, sign up bonus point offers, and features of the Best Credit Cards for Qantas points, apply on line with a decision in 60 seconds


Selecting the Best Credit card for earning Qantas Points involves accessing 3 key features of the Qantas Frequent Flyer Credit Cards:


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Best Credit Offers 2016

Compare the Best Credit Card* offers of 2017 

Compare the Best Credit Card Offers of 2017, including the best 0% balance transfer credit cards, the best Low Rate Credit Cards, the best Rewards Credit Cards and those with the Best Introductory Offers.

There is no one credit card that fits all, a card that may be the best credit card for one person, may...(continued)

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Best Credit Card for Velocity Points

Comparison of the Best Credit Cards for earning Velocity Points

Compare Velocity point earn rates, sign up bonus point offers, and features of the Best Credit Cards for Velocity points, apply on line with a decision in 60 seconds

Selecting the Best Credit Card for Velocity Points involves close consideration of 3 key features of the Velocity Frequent Flyer Credit Card...(continued)

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