Coles Rewards MasterCard

If flybuy points are your reward of choice the Coles Rewards MasterCard with flybuys Rewards is one worth considering with its high point earn rate of 2 flybuys points per $1 of spend, which is on top of the points awarded when you shop with flybuy partners. So for example a grocery shop at Coles would deliver 1 point for each $1 of spend, and then by paying for the shop with your Coles Rewards MasterCard the points earn rate gets boosted to 3 points per $1 of spend.

The good news continues as the Coles Rewards MasterCard also comes loaded with your flybuys details so with a single scan you can pay and collect your Flybuys points at the checkout.

Introductory Offer: $100 off one Coles Supermarket shop if you apply and are approved by 30th June 2017, and make a purchase within the first 30 days

Although the Coles MasterCard has a clear focus on delivering the very best flybuys rewards earn rates, there are no compromises when it comes to the card features:

  • Low annual fee - $89 p.a.
  • Your Credit Card and flybuys cards combined - Coles Rewards MasterCard and flybuys card in one, so you only have to carry one card instead of two.
  • Competitive Interest rate of 19.99% p.a. - This is for both purchases and cash advances.
  • A market leading Up to 62 days interest free - on purchases when you pay the full balance off each month.
  • Get $10 off your Coles Supermarket shop - every time you redeem 2,000 flybuys points at the checkout.
  • Security and fraud protection - Falcon™ fraud management system and Coles zero liability guarantee that protect you from any unauthorized transactions.
  • MasterCard PayPass - for amounts under $100, simply Tap & Go with your Coles Rewards MasterCard, or enter a PIN for amounts over $100.
  • Free delivery of your on line order - every time you spend $100 or more and pay with your Coles Rewards MasterCard at Coles online.
  • Earn 2 flybuys point for every $1 you spend everywhere - points are uncapped and never expire.
  • Additional cardholders - up to 8 additional credit cards to your friends or family all under the one statement
  • Australia’s largest Retails are flybuy partners - Many of the biggest including Telstra, Coles stores, Budget Car Rental, Kmart, Liquorland, NAB, Target and Webjet.

Platinum Option - If you are approved and meet the criteria, you could be eligible to receive a Coles Rewards MasterCard Platinum Card that includes additional features and benefits. To be eligible for the Coles Platinum Credit Card your approved credit limit must be in excess of $6,000.

The Coles Rewards MasterCard Platinum benefits include a 24/6 complimentary concierge service and merchandise protection insurance that will protect the items you buy on the card if they are damaged, lost or stolen.

A popular alternative to the Coles Rewards MasterCard Credit Card is the nab Flybuys Reward Credit Card which features the Flybuys reward program with generous Flybuy earn rates in conjunction with a raft of Platinum Card Benefits, including 7 complimentary insurances, including overseas travel insurance a 24/7 concierge service and upto 44 days interest free on purchases.


Earning flybuys with a Coles Rewards MasterCard Credit Card

  • 2 flybuys points for every $1 spent - The Coles MasterCard rewards you with flybuys points when you make an eligible purchase on the card. If you’re not already a member of the flybuys program, you will be automatically enrolled when you apply for the Coles MasterCard. It is important to be aware that points expire if your flybuys account is inactive for 12 months.
  • Points are earned on all purchases - flybuys points are earned on all eligible transactions - no mattter where you are in the world. The Coles Rewards MasterCard can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted and for all eligible purchases you will earn flybuy points.
  • Earn more when you shop at Coles - By linking your flybuys membership to your Coles Rewards MasterCard when you apply you will earn more flybuys points when you shop at Coles and flybuys partners.
  • Redeem your flybuys points for flybuys dollars - flybuys dollars can be used for money off your next shop at Coles or Liquorland or Target. 2,000 flybuys points will give $10 of your shop at the checkout. You can redeem flybuy points for dollars at the following flybuys partners: Coles, Liquorland, First Choice Liquor, Kmart, Target, and Kmart Tyre & Auto.


Multi award winning Coles Credit Cards

Since launching in 2013 the Coles Credit Cards have been recognized multiple times by both Money Magazine and Canstar in their annual awards for Australian Credit Cards

  • Money Magazine - In 2015 & 2014 Coles Credit Cards where named the Best Non-Bank Transaction Credit Card and Best Non-Bank Rewards Credit Card
  • Canstar - In 2013, 2014 & 2015 Coles Credit Cards where awarded 5 stars for Outstanding Value Credit Card and Outstanding Value Rewards Credit Card


Applying for a Coles Reward MasterCard Credit Card

Prior to commencing your on line application for a Coles Credit Card you will need to pull together some information on yourself and your current financial circumstances, here’s a checklist of the information you’ll need to hand when making your application:

  • Personal information -To verify your identity you will need either a drivers license or a passport.
  • Contact Details - You will need to confirm your residential address, email address and a phone number, which can be a mobile number.
  • Income - Details of your current income from employment, investments and other sources will be requested
  • Expenses - Details of your monthly expenses will need to be confirmed to include any mortgage payments, rent, living expenses and any loan repayments.
  • Existing credit cards - If you are seeking to transfer your existing credit card balance to a Coles credit card under a balance transfer promotion, you will need to supply the current credit card number and amount you want to transfer from these accounts.

Rates updated at: 20 July 2018
Card Details
Card Provider Coles Credit Cards
Card Level Standard
Card Type MasterCard
Instant Approval Yes in 60 seconds
Acceptance Criteria
Age To Apply 18
Min. Income $15,000
Residency Australia
Temporary Residents Yes with 457 Visa
Min. Credit Limit -
Joint Applicants No
Standard Rates
Purchase Rate 19.99% p.a.
Cash Advance Rate 19.99% p.a.
Balance Transfer Rate -
Balance Transfer
Balance Transfer Rate -
Balance Transfer Period -
Balance Transfer Fee -
Introductory Offer $100 off one Coles Supermarket shop
Bonus Points -
Offer End Date 30th June 2017
Rewards Program Flybuys
Rewards Points 2 Flybuy points per $1 spend in addition to the points awarded by Flybuy partners.
Fees and Terms
Interest Free Period Up to 62 days
Min. Monthly Repayment -
Annual Fee $89
Balance Transfer Fee -
Over Limit Fee $5.00
Duplicate Statement Fee $7.00
Interest Charged From Purchase date
Late Payment Fee $20
Min. Repayment % 2.22
Max. Credit Limit -
Cash Advance Fee 3% of the cash advance/cash equivalent transaction or $1.95 - whichever is greater
Additional Card Holder Fee $0, up to 8 allowed.
Travel and Insurance
Foreign Currency Conversion fee 2.5% on all purchases and cash
Overseas ATM withdrawal fee $4.00
Complimentary Travel Insurance No
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Terms and Conditions: Read the Terms and Conditions for the Coles Rewards MasterCard


Answer yes to these 4 questions and you are eligible to apply for the Coles Rewards MasterCard:

  1. I am over 18 years of age
  2. I have a good credit score
  3. I have a minimum post tax income of $15,000 p.a.
  4. I am a permanent Australian resident or have a 457 Visa


To apply on line and get a response in 60 Seconds for Coles Rewards MasterCard you’ll need the following information to hand:

  • 2 out of the following: An Australian Drivers License, Passport, Medicare card, Student ID card or Birth certificate.
  • A salary or wage slip and contact details for your employer.
  • An overview of your debts and assets including any loans, store or credit cards.
  • Your Flybuys card.


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Virgin Australia Velocity High Flyer - 60,000 Velocity Points

Emirates Citibank Platinum - 10,000 Skywards Miles Points

Citibank Qantas Rewards Signature - 60,000 Qantas Points

A: You commence a secure application process as follows:

  1. Clicking Go to site will direct you to the providers web site‚Äč
  2. Complete the online application on the providers web site
  3. Once approved, the Provider will issue your new credit card, this takes around 1-2 weeks.