Rates updated at: 21 July 2018
Card Details
Card Provider
Card Level
Card Type
Instant Approval
Acceptance Criteria
Age To Apply
Min. Income
Temporary Residents
Min. Credit Limit
Joint Applicants
Standard Rates
Purchase Rate
Cash Advance Rate
Balance Transfer Rate
Balance Transfer
Balance Transfer Rate
Balance Transfer Period
Balance Transfer Fee
Introductory Offer
Bonus Points
Offer End Date
Rewards Program
Rewards Points
Fees and Terms
Interest Free Period
Min. Monthly Repayment
Annual Fee
Balance Transfer Fee
Over Limit Fee
Duplicate Statement Fee
Interest Charged From
Late Payment Fee
Min. Repayment %
Max. Credit Limit
Cash Advance Fee
Additional Card Holder Fee
Travel and Insurance
Foreign Currency Conversion fee
Overseas ATM withdrawal fee
Complimentary Travel Insurance