Citi Rewards Credit Cards

Citi Rewards Credit Cards consistently offer some of the most generous bonus point introductory deals and with the Citi Dining Program and frequently changing Offers and Privileges, Citi is committed to providing rewards well beyond a simple points program.


Citi Rewards is one of the best flexible credit card points programs for Australian Visa & MasterCard credit cards, with a broad range transfer partners to whom Citi Rewards Points can be transferred.


To compliment the existing points transfer relationships with Velocity Frequent Flyer, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, Emirates Skywards and Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles (for the Citi Prestige only), Citi have added a number of new point transfer partners - notably Hilton & IHG Hotels, Etihad Guest, Delta Skymiles and Garuda Airlines.





Earning Qantas Frequent Flyer Points with your Citi Rewards Credit Card


Citi Rewards Credit Cards offer you the choice of earning Qantas Frequent Flyer points on your Citi Signature credit card or Citi Prestige credit card by joining Citi Qantas Rewards. Your points will automatically be transferred to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program each month which enables you to use your points to redeem from over 2,000 products, vouchers or experiences through the on-line Qantas Frequent Flyer Store or any available Classic Award flight with Qantas, Jetstar and participating partner airlines.


This program has an annual fee of $49 in addition to your Citi credit cards standard annual fee.


Once you have enrolled in Citi Qantas Rewards, you will no longer be able to redeem rewards from the standard Citi Rewards Program or be eligible for bonus points offered at Citi Bonus Partners.


Earning points with your Citi Rewards Credit Card


Pay for your everyday purchases with your Citi Rewards Credit Card.

You don't need to spend more to earn Citi Reward Points simply choose to. Pay with your Citi Rewards Credit Card for everyday expenses instead of cash, cheques or other cards and you will earn reward points for each $1 spent.



Automatically earn points with Direct Debits

Direct debit is a simple and convenient way to pay recurring bills. By automating these bill payments you will have the peace of mind knowing that your bills are paid on time and that you are earning points against these bill payments.


Setting up direct debit payments takes 2 simple steps:

  1. Contact your service providers
  2. Provide your Citi Rewards Credit Card details to your biller and let them know this is your preferred method of payment


Some examples of the bills you can pay with direct debit are:

  • Gym membership
  • Home and contents insurance
  • Foxtel
  • Health insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Home Insurance


Earn 3 Bonus Points at Citi Bonus Partners


Use your Citi Rewards Credit Card to shop at one of our hundreds of Citi Bonus Partners and you will receive 3 bonus reward points for every dollar you spend across a range of categories.

Bonus points earned through spending with bonus partners can boost your point earn rates as outlined below:


Citi Rewards Classic Credit Card

1 point + 3 bonus points = 4 Total points per $1 spent


Citi Rewards Platinum Credit Card

1.25 points + 3 bonus points = 4.25 Total points per $1 spent


Citi Rewards Signature Credit Card

1.5 points + 3 bonus points = 4.5 Total points per $1 spent


Current Citi Reward Bonus Partners include:

  • Accomodation - Intercontinental Hotels, Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts, Park Royal Hotels, Oaks Hotels and Resorts and Fraser Suites.
  • Shopping - Bose, Salvatore Terragamo and Fresh
  • Automotive - Wilson Parking and Europcar car rental

Citi Rewards Credit Cards - Frequently Asked Questions

The list below outlines what is required depending on your employment type.

Please note that we may need to contact your employer and/or your accountant to confirm your income and employment details, please let them know in advance so that we can finalise your application.

All applicants (please supply all of the following):

  • Driver's Licence (back side of the driver's license to include change of address if applicable) or proof of address (e.g. most recent electricity or utility bill)
  • Medicare Card or Passport to confirm residency
  • Most recent mobile phone bill which reflects your name, address and mobile number.

Full or part time employees (please supply any one of the following options):

  • Two payslips less than 60 days old (preferred), or
  • Letter of employment (should indicate annual income and employment status), or
  • Three months of applicant's bank statements showing the regular income, or
  • Most recent Individual Tax Return, or
  • Most recent PAYG payment summary (group certificate), or
  • Most recent Individual Tax Assessment Notice.

Self-employed or sub-contractors (please supply any one of the following options):

  • Two most recent Tax Assessment Notices, or
  • Two most recent Income Tax Returns, or
  • Two most recent Business/Company Tax Returns, or
  • Two most recent Business/Company Profit and Loss Statements.

Casual or temporary employees and contractors (please supply any one of the following options):

  • Two most recent Tax Assessment Notices and two most recent pay slips, or
  • Two most recent PAYG payment summaries and two most recent pay slips.

Retirees and self-funded retiree (please supply any one of the following options):

  • Annual superannuation statement which includes an indexed pension amount, or
  • Most recent Pension statement, or
  • Three months of personal bank statements showing regular credit or cash deposits, or
  • Most recent Self-managed Superannuation Tax Returns less than 15 months old.

With your Citibank Credit Card you benefit from up to 55 days interest-free on all purchases, providing you repay the balance of your card in full each month, on or before the due date. Interest-free periods are not applicable for any cash withdrawals, balance transfers or bank cheques. These transactions incur interest from the date the transaction is made (regardless of whether the account is repaid in full each month). Interest is charged on retail purchases if the statement's full closing balance is not repaid by the due date.

Citibank will charge your annual primary cardholder fee to your account on first use of your account, including when you activate your credit card, and then on each anniversary of the date Citibank approved your account.

If you have additional cardholders on your account, your annual additional cardholder fee will be charged to your account when the additional card is issued, pro rata up to the next anniversary of the date on which your account was approved and then payable with the annual fee.

Your minimum monthly repayment is (rounded up to the nearest dollar):

  • The greater of $30 and 2.00% of Card Balance; or
  • Where a Late Payment Fee is charged, the greater of $30, and the sum of 1% of the Card Balance, Late Payment Fee and interest charged for that month; or
  • The Card Balance if it is less than $30, plus any Monthly Instalment for that month.

Credit Card Balance - the Closing Balance less any Instalment Loan balance and Monthly Instalment for that month. Payment is due on the date specified on your Credit Card statement.

Your Citibank Credit Card provides the option of having up to 4 Additional Cardholders linked to your account. It's a convenient way of ensuring family members have access to finance when they need it. Additional Cardholders will be issued with their own Citibank Credit Card, though any transactions made using these cards will be separately itemised on your card Statement, making it easy to manage your finances. Additional Cardholders must be aged over 16.

All Citi Credit Cards are accepted at over: 

  • 400,000 locations including shops, restaurants, hotels etc in Australia
  • 10 million establishments overseas

Citibank is the world's largest issuer of bank Credit Cards and the Citi Group is represented almost everywhere in the world, which means customers:

  • Can always get information or assistance if they need it
  • Can be assured their Citibank credit card will be recognised by merchants worldwide

You can withdraw cash using your Citibank Credit Card at any ATM that displays the VISA or MASTERCARD symbol. Standard cash - advance and currency conversion fees will apply. When overseas, you can also access cash from any ATM that displays the Plus, Star or NYCE symbols

Yes, Easi-Pay is Citi's convenient Direct Debit facility which enables you to make regular payments to your Citi account automatically debited from your nominated bank account held within Australia. To set-up this facility:

  • Login to Citi Online
  • Select Account Services from the top menu
  • Select Credit Cards from the sub-menu
  • Select Payment Options from the links provided
  • Select the 'Easi-Pay' link to complete our online application form

Yes, if you upgrade from a Citibank Rewards Credit Card - Classic to a Rewards Platinum or Signature, your points will be automatically transferred to your new card. Your points will show on your next credit card statement.